Operation Support Our Troops Illinois

Today we have 30 volunteers donating their time and items to Operation Support Our Troops Illinois located in Lisle.  We will be helping put together care packages to be sent over seas to our active duty troops. Thanks in advance for all of our members.  I will post pictures after the event.  Here is their website if you want to donate to them.  They said donation have been low this year so lets try to help out.  http://www.osotamerica.org/

Wheaton/DuPage Sensory Garden & Ale Fest

We volunteered for one of the physical work days to help clear brush for the sensory gardens groundbreaking.  The professionals handled the chain saws and the volunteers pulled the cut up trees to the wood chipper.  It was a rough day but it felt like we made a difference.  If you want to see & read more about the DuPage Sensory Garden click here.

We also had 12 people volunteer to help the Lisle Chamber of Commerces first Ale Fest.  Our volunteers helped pour beers for all the vendors tents.  It was fun and we were able to try out some new brews.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered!  We appreciate your support.